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Social Panda's 2nd Birthday

Celebration time! This month Social Panda is TWO years old.

In India they have a very humbling tradition for birthdays. Instead of receiving gifts, they give them. To celebrate our birthday, we decided to find a cause that needed support.

After considering many organisations and causes that needed help:  our oceans are full of micro plastic, constant deforestation, the need for mental health support, under privileged children; the obvious hit… the iconic panda logo that I remember clearly from my childhood WWF membership.  Support the Panda!  A few keystrokes and clicks and we found that WWF has an adopt a panda program – perfect!

So, it is now official! We have adopted a panda.

Our ongoing support protects the fast declining forest that is the habit of the panda. Specifically, our monthly donations will “Conserve the giant pandas wild home and food supply by protecting 3 million hectares of forest


Happy Birthday to Us and Happy Forest to the Giant Panda!

Adopt A Panda Certificate - Social Panda


PS.  We were impressed with the number of amazing campaigns the WWF Australia is running in relation to species, climate, food & oceans.  If you haven’t seen what they are up to lately, it is worth a look.


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