We Hit the Road! National Tour 2019

Social Panda is very proud to announce that Kelly will be on the speaking panel for the Power Your Business Summit, 2019 Roadshow! As an experienced workshop facilitator, she is looking forward to getting out from behind the computer and sharing her knowledge with business owners across the country.

Kelly Thirgood, the Founder of Social Panda, presented the SEO Master Class workshop at the Power Your Business Mornington event in August 2018.

The workshop gave business owners specific actions to improve their search engine ranking in Google. It gained a fantastic response from the audience with many attendees asking questions that have been nagging them for a while. Kelly loved the interaction, the questions and most of all how proactive the business owners were when it came to increasing the effectiveness of their website.

Kelly is passionate about empowering business owners to understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and making the topic a positive experience. Kelly explains,

The SEO industry often uses ‘scare tactics’ to gain clients.  Business owners are constantly being bombarded with phone calls and emails from SEO sales people. Unfortunately, this causes them to ‘switch off’ and ignore this very valuable online marketing strategy. When I talk to business owners, my focus is to educate and empower them to understand SEO and exactly how it works.

After the success of the Power Your Business Summit in Mornington, the event is going national.

We are extremely grateful to Rhiannon and her team at Agency83 for organising such a successful event and are thrilled to be a part the 2019 national roadshow.


Power Your Business Summit 2018/2019

Kelly will be accompanied by other top business experts that will provide actual tools to improve and grow your business.

The Business Masterclass Series: Power Your Business will show you how to escalate growth in your business and achieve greater success.  This one day workshop is designed to give ideas, strategies and action items you can implement in your business immediately.

Seats are limited. Included is lunch, breakout sessions and networking opportunities.


Roadshow Dates

Power Your Business Summit

The next Power Your Business Summit takes place in Bayswater, Victoria on November 20th 2018.  This event is almost sold out, grab your tickets now.

November 2018     MELBOURNE EAST

February 2019       GEELONG
March 2019            MELBOURNE CBD
April 2019               SYDNEY
May 2019               MELBOURNE WEST
June 2019              MELBOURNE SOUTH EAST
July 2019               BRISBANE
August 2019          ADELAIDE
September 2019   MELBOURNE EAST
October 2019         PERTH
November 2019   MELBOURNE CBD
November 2019   SYDNEY


For news and updates on the Power Your Business Summit 2019 keep an eye on the Power Your Business website or contact us for details of the event near you.



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