5 Strategies to Add to Your SEO Checklist

The internet was established decades ago and since then websites have sprouted up all over the place. Search engines have been around since the very beginning, helping users navigate their way around the vastness of the web. It makes sense, then, that SEO has been around just as long. Search engine optimisation is a key […]

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SEO Success for this Mornington Peninsula Business

Hearing the success of our clients is why we love online marketing!  Our client, Kerrie from Bloom & Bush, has been kind enough to allow us share her success with our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service with you all. Source: Mornington Peninsula Magazine, October 2019, page 127 SEO Mornington Peninsula Success Story Kerrie, the florist […]

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We Hit the Road! National Tour 2019

Social Panda is very proud to announce that Kelly will be on the speaking panel for the Power Your Business Summit, 2019 Roadshow! As an experienced workshop facilitator, she is looking forward to getting out from behind the computer and sharing her knowledge with business owners across the country. Kelly Thirgood, the Founder of Social Panda, […]

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Claim Your Google My Business

Google My Business: Claim Your Listing Now

You’re convinced of the merits of Google My Business (GMB) and are ready to rock it – Excellent! Claiming your listing really is easy, we’ll tell you how. If you need to know a little more about how Google My Business (GMB) can benefit your business, check out our last blog post. How To Get Your […]

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Local Business Listing - SEO

Google My Business: A Local Business Essential

Over 6 Billion searches are made online every day and a whopping 77% of them on Google. So, it makes sense to take advantage of any functions that help you get noticed on Google. Google My Business (GMB) is a free resource that can help drive traffic to local businesses. If you’ve previously used Google […]

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Social Panda's 2nd Birthday

Social Panda Celebrations

Celebration time! This month Social Panda is TWO years old. In India they have a very humbling tradition for birthdays. Instead of receiving gifts, they give them. To celebrate our birthday, we decided to find a cause that needed support. After considering many organisations and causes that needed help:  our oceans are full of micro […]

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Increase Your Website’s Google Ranking

To set up your own website does not always require a large investment of money. However, a certain amount of time and effort is essential. From initial planning to writing great copy, and some more technical aspects such as setting up your SSL certificate. However, getting noticed online in search engines is becoming more difficult. […]

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Tips for Website Design

Five Tips for Good Website Design

How often to you get to a website and suddenly lose your mojo to interact with it? Your business website needs to be designed to inspire your audience, give them what the want quickly and guide them to action. Here are the top five tips, that you can implement to boost your website’s conversion rate. […]

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