SEO & Website: Wall Repair Contractor

The Challenge

Customers use Wall Repair when there is unexpected damage in the home.  Most repairs are one-offs which means Wall Repair has few repeat customers. A constant flow of new clients is essential.

The Strategy

The marketing strategy for Wall Repair was kept simple and direct. We created a website that would convert leads and optimised it for search engines (SEO) to ensure it reached the top of Google search results – an essential tool for customers who need to find help to fix their walls quickly!

  • New website design and development (Jan 2016)
  • Website redesign (Apr 2017)
  • Website support and maintenance
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

The Success

  • Increase in leads by over 300% (new website)
  • Increase in the average $$ job value (website redesign)
  • Regular positive feedback from Wall Repair clients: “I chose you because of your website!”
  • Wall Repair secured top 3 positions on the front page of Google for all their keywords.
SEO for Trades

Success From The Client's Perspective

Wall Repair Melbourne
"While Social Panda has been working on my website, form and search engine optimisation I have seen an increase in emails and phone calls for work. Honestly, sometimes I have too much work! It is great for me to have all the geeky stuff looked after so I can focus on running my business."
AlexManager & Wall Repair Specialist