Wall Repair

The Challenge

Wall Repair is a service that is needed when there is unexpected damage in the home.  There are few repeat customers, most repairs are one off. A constant flow of new clients is essential.

The Strategy

The marketing strategy for wall repair was kept simple and direct. A website deigned to convert and SEO to be at the top of Google exactly when clients need help.

  • New website design and development (Jan 2016)
  • Website redesign (Apr 2017)
  • Website support and maintenance
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

The Success

  • Regular comments from Wall Repair clients: “I like your website!”
  • Increase in leads by over 300% (new website)
  • Increase in the average $$ job value (website redesign)
  • On the front page of Google. In the top 3 for all keywords.

Client Feedback

Wall Repair Melbourne
While Social Panda has been working on my website, form and search engine optimisation I have seen an increase in emails and phone calls for work. Honestly, sometimes I have too much work! It is great for me to have all the geeky stuff looked after so I can focus on running my business
AlexManager & Wall Repair Specialist