[Website] Solar Super Centre, Mornington Peninsula

The Challenge

Create a website for the launch of the new Mornington Peninsula business – Solar Super Centre!

The Strategy

Design and build a website that to compete with both local and national competitors in the market.  Website to be designed to convert web traffic into quality leads for the SEO and Google Ads campaigns.

  • Simple & effective design, enabling benefits & unique offering to be understood easily & quickly.
  • Provide general information & inspire customers to choose Solar Super Centre.
  • Guide customers to request a free custom quote.

The Success

  • A website that consistently gains quality leads in a highly competitive industry.

See the Solar Super Centre website.

Solar Website Design

Success From The Client's Perspective

Wesbite Design - Solar
The Social Panda team made my website and also do my online marketing. They completely take care of everything so it gives me time to work on other areas of my business. Very happy with what they produce!
TomOwner & Manager